Rachel Hendrix as "  Florence" © Copyright  The Staying Kind Film , All Right Reserved

Rachel Hendrix as "Florence" © Copyright The Staying Kind Film, All Right Reserved

FLORENCE: Rachel Hendrix  - Born and raised in Alabama, Hendrix is an award-winning film actress. She was introduced to filmmaker Kris Kimlin (Mom's Night Out, Coffee Shop, Woodlawn)  while studying photography at the University of Montevallo. After accepting his offer for a lead role in his first short film Letting Go, Hendrix decided to pursue acting more seriously. Jon and Andy Erwin of Erwin Brothers Films began development on a film and reached out, asking Hendrix to accept a role written with her in mind to play. She accepted and opportunities arose as Hendrix garnered national acclaim for her inaugural debut in the 2011 award-winning film, October Baby. The film's unique grass-roots campaign impressed Hollywood with the 2nd highest per-screen average in the box-office opening weekend. The film launched her acting career and since then, the screen beckoned. The late Roger Ebert noted that Hendrix was, "surprisingly capable in her first feature role."

Hendrix went on to star in many films including the incredible true story of surfer Ian McCormack's life, The Perfect Wave, opposite Scott Eastwood, 77 Chances staring Andrew Cheney (Beyond the Mask, Seasons of Gray) and Roses, an award-winning short that was recently accepted into the LA Shorts Festival. Her short film Abound scored her a "best actress" nomination at the 168 Film Festival. In April, Hendrix landed a pivotal role in the Anonio Campos biopic Christine about the life and tragic death of Sarasota news anchor Chrisine Chubuck staring Rebecca Hall (The Gift, The Prestige) and Michael Hall (Dexter).  She can also be seen opposite Octavia Spencer and Naomi Watts in Allegiant: Part 1 set to release in 2016. Rachel currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband. To learn more, visit www.rachelhendrix.net

Daniel Ellis as "Charles"      © Copyright 2015   The Staying Kind Film   All Rights Reserved

Daniel Ellis as "Charles"    © Copyright 2015 The Staying Kind Film All Rights Reserved

CHARLES: Daniel Cooper Ellis - Based out of New York, Daniel Ellis has been acting in film and television since early 2013.  Originally from Minnesota, Daniel spent his college years working an unholy number of jobs but couldn't keep up with the high costs of tuition. It wasn't until the spring of 2013 that he first stepped onto a film set, quite literally changing the course of his life. He took one look at this newly found medium and he did not look back. He learned the craft of acting by constantly reading, studying films, and 'people watching'. He claims acting has been a way by which he has channeled emotions that he had a difficult time facing in his younger years.  His greatest teacher by far has been his experience, and his dedication to learning about and understanding people seems to be the driving force behind his work. Ellis has worked predominantly in the independent film business, taking on lead roles in films such as, The Forest (2013), The Traveling Show (2014), Chain (2014), and Ave Maria (2015). 

Read an in-depth interview with Ellis at The Hollywood Billboard. 


VICTOR: Samuel Goergen (better known as Sammy) is a funny, vivacious boy who loves all creatures from elephants to earthworms.  After several extra roles, Samuel was determined to “speak” and not be just background.  Days later, while filming as an extra on the film, “In Dubious Battle” (to be released in 2016), Director James Franco gave Samuel an on the spot line, fueling Samuel’s love of acting.  Since then, Samuel has pursued acting in a focused way, landing him a lead in an internet commercial, a supporting role on a highly rated TV show. He’s enrolled in acting classes at Studio 27, in Tyrone, GA, focusing on all aspects of the film industry.  THE STAYING KIND is Samuel's first lead role in a film. He’s very active in sports with a focus on golf and lives with his family live in Atlanta, Georgia.

Samuel Goergen as "Victor"    © Copyright 2015   The Staying Kind Film   All Rights Reserved

Samuel Goergen as "Victor"  © Copyright 2015 The Staying Kind Film All Rights Reserved

PAUL: Brian Childers (pictured below) is an Atlanta-based actor known for his work in  Crimes and Mister Meanors (2015), Sea Odyssey(2014) and No Turning Back (2015).  Childers is an Atlanta native and spent the first 40 years of life as a professional musician.  He played drums and percussion performing live and in concert locally, regionally and nationally and on commercials, films and recordings. He had a solid footing in the performing arts when he was first exposed to acting. He realized that the “zone” in acting was the very same “zone” he had experienced playing music.  He began pursuing the craft of acting in 1980 when he was cast in the pilot for Catlin’s Cove (later known as The Catlins), an Atlanta/Turner Broadcasting Soap Opera that ran for a number of years.  

Brian quickly caught the acting bug and while working as an international IT Instructor to earn a living, he has spent several decades training and working in the entertainment industry in the Atlanta area. Some of Brian’s acting credits include national commercials for EarthLink (where he also worked as a Program Manager), 26 regional Toyota spots, a stint as national brand voice for Logan’s Roadhouse, a recurring lead role in an annual web feature for CSX Railway, a guest star on Swamp Murders, featured roles in several feature films, lead, starring and co-starring roles in numerous indie films.

Due to the boom of the entertainment Industry in Atlanta and the trend of self-taping for auditions, Brian opened “Audition Recording Services” in 2013. His mission is to ensure that every client is completely happy with the taping experience and the final product. Please visit his Facebook page here to read some of his (ALL 5 star) reviews: https://www.facebook.com/BSCAuditionRecordingServices/

Brian Childers as "Paul"      © Copyright 2015   The Staying Kind Film   All Rights Reserved

Brian Childers as "Paul"    © Copyright 2015 The Staying Kind Film All Rights Reserved


DIRECTOR/CO-WRITERIsaac Dietz is an award winning writer/director/producer that has had success and recognition in almost all forms of filmmaking from #1 music videos on MTV and VH1, nationally aired television documentaries, award winning short films, webisodes with over 5 million collective views and hundreds of promotional videos. Isaac has done video in the music industry for over ten years and has worked with a variety of different artists including Family Force 5, Toby Mac, and two-time Grammy winner Lecrae. Isaac currently lives in Atlanta, GA. To learn more, visit www.isaacdeitz.com.

1ST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR - Rhett Hendrix joins the crew of THE STAYING KIND. Rhett served as a key production assistant on the Alabama indie film, OCTOBER BABY, which garnered his sister, Rachel, national acclaim. 



KEY MAKEUP ARTIST - Alexander McPherson  is a special effects makeup artist, and the president of Prestige Makeup and Effects, INC. Growing up, Alexander had the blessing of working alongside his father, Alistair McPherson, a veteran makeup artist at Pinewood Studios, London. Surrounded by moulds, clay and prosthetics from an early age, he quickly developed a love for the craft. His first feature film was in 2007, assisting Alistair with prosthetics at the ripe age of 14.  5 years later, at the age of 19, he began a full blown professional career as a Makeup Department Head. Since then, he has garnered over 20 projects and a reputation as a go-to for both SFX and beauty makeup in the Southeast. A year ago, he founded Prestige Makeup and Effects, a full service makeup company, specializing in HD makeup. Alexander currently lives in Charlotte, NC.


GAFFER - Seth Newell

CATERING - Jenny Hendrix of Pepi Foods

SOUND - Jacob Falls


BTS VIDEO - Jon Seldon

Not Pictured - Alexander Petersen - Key Grip, Julian Fellow - 2nd BTS Videographer, Julia Fenner - BTS Photographer, Marc Lastname - Key PA, Danny Sharp - Key PA, Lindsey Register - Assistant Makeup & Wardrobe, Vicky Sharp - Assistant Wardrobe, Greg Hendrix - driver


Roger Ebert on October Babyhttp://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/october-baby-2012